ShipGen allows the user to obtain in a few minutes the forms of any kind of vessel. (General cargo ship, Fishing vessel, tugs...) with the required dimensions and hydrostatic parameters.

ShipGen is intended for shipdesigners. The software generates the whole surfaces of the ship, in accordance  with the requirements previously defined, i.e., dimensions, geometry and hydrostatics characteristics. The program incorporates a small naval architecture calculations integrated module and has a dynamic connection with the Excel spreadsheet to which transmits in every modification of the lines the hydrostatic data of the new vessel. This feature allows the designer to write in Excel the code of his own models of project optimisation and feed them dynamically using the data received from ShipGen, thus closing up the iterative designing process. ShipGen makes very agile the accomplishment of tenders. It can obtain in minutes a hullform of the required dimensions and hydrostatics characteristics. For production, the hullfom generated  by ShipGen can be used as a starting point to finish the hull design process with the Dfform module .


ShipGen uses a handful of basic ships (templates) perfectly faired and identified by their Bezier´s surfaces to generate the lines. Starting from this base, ShipGen makes up to 14 transformations from a lengthening to a modification of the trim and the raise of floor. The power of the system allows to obtain lines far different from the initial ones of the template used. As an extreme case, it can obtain the forms of a cargoship starting from a sterntrawler´s template, although for this case it is recommended to use the template of cargoships included in the system. The lines generated by ShipGen are always faired provided the transformation is not extreme.

Bulb transformations. Note the smoothness of the surface transition to the fore body.
The following is a list of the public templates availables for free: General cargo ship, Containership, Ro-Ro, Twin propeller Ferry, Tanker (Chemical carrier), Tuna purse seiner, Stern trawler with bulb, Stern trawler without bulb. Defcar Eng. is continuously creating new templates for different types of ships, and are availables from this website.

Hullform generation in few steps

1. Select the type of vessel (template) from a database with several 
different templates (Fishing vessels, general cargo, container ships, ...)

2. Enter the main dimensions, and the dead rising and trim (if it is the case), the 
desired draught, the displacement and the position of the centre of buoyancy.

3. Click the Ship generation button .

The user enters the new dead rise and trim... ...and clicking the "OK" button the system obtains in seconds the new hullform. The data in your Excel spreadsheet are updated automatically with the new geometrical and hydrostatic characteristics.
  Transferred data to Excel List of automatic transformations Any other modification of the hullform not included in the above list will require the use of the hullform design module Dfform .

The user has indicated to ShipGen to move the centre of buoyancy 0.3 meters back, keeping constant the displacement. The results are shown in the picture: in red, the sections before transformation. In blue, the sections after transformation. (time: 15 seconds)

Export the hullforms to your system

ShipGen can export the generated hullform to other systems:

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