Click here (80KB) to download 4 templates of the following types of ships:

New templates : Unzip the file and copy the *.pla to your directory c:\defcar\plan. See the body plan of each type of ship below. You will need the ShipGen module to use the templates. Download an evaluation version now

General cargo ship Lbp=100m B=19m Moulded-depth=10m

Tanker Lbp=154.1m B=23.72m Moulded-depth=13.35m

Stern trawler Lbp=25.5m B=7.3m Moulded-depth=6.6m

Stern trawler Lbp=25.5m B=7.3m Moulded-depth=6.6m

Containership  Lbp=163m B=26.5m Moulded-depth=14m

Ro-Ro Lbp=163m B=26.8m Moulded-depth=13.6m

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